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I have a trade thread over on nintendoage, and Virtual Boy games are some of things I’m seeking. The thread hasn’t gotten much interest, so I’d thought I’d try here. I have a lot of stuff across many systems, some stuff I haven’t had a chance to list yet, so if you have some of my wants for trade, let me know what you’re after. You can find pictures on the link provided. I haven’t been able to take pictures of everything, so just ask if you want pictures of something.


Waterworld CIB
Golf CIB
Baseball CIB
3D Tetris BI
Galactic Pinball BI
Bomberman: Panic Bomber CIB
Red Alarm CIB
Vertical Force CIB
Virtual fishing CIB (JPN)
Space Squash CIB (JPN)

Cart Only:
Alien 3
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
Battletoads/Double Dragon
Beavis and Butt-head
Brain lord
Castlevania IV
Demon’s Crest
Donkey Kong Country 2
EVO Search for Eden
Final Fantasy II
Final Fight 2
Jurassic Park
King Aurthur’s World
Lanwmower Man
The Lord of the Rings Vol.1
Mario Paint (w/mouse and pad)
Metal Combat
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
NHL 96
NHL Stanley Cup
Ogre Battle The March of the Black Queen
Pockey & Rockey 2
Robocop 3
Secret of Mana
Sim City
The Simpsons Bart’s Nightmare
Soul Blazer
Spider-man X-men Arcade’s Revenge
Street Fighter 2
Super Ghouls’N Ghosts
Super Mario RPG
Super Punch-Out!!
Super R-Type
Super Star Wars
Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Return of the Jedi
Turtles IV (w/ manual)
Total Carnage
Wild Guns
WWF The Arcade Game
WWF Royal Rumble
Zombies Ate my Neighbors
Super Gameboy

CIB (missing manuals will be noted)
7th Saga
Actraiser 2
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire 2
Contra III
Indiana Jones (no manual)
Kendo Rage (no manual)
Knights of the Round (no manual)
Lufia and the fortress of doom
Lufia II The rise of the sinistrals
Maximum Carnage (no manual)
Out of This World
Secret of Evermore
Super Metroid
Y’s III Wanderer’s from Y’s

Cart Only:
10-Yard Fight
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Adventures of Dino-Riki
Bad Dudes
Blaster Master (w/ manual)
Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach
The Bard’s Tale
Bart vs. The Space Mutants
Bart vs. The World
Base Wars (w/manual)
Batman Return of the Joker
Bionic Commando
Blades of Steel
Captain Comic
Captain Skyhawk
Casino Kid
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
Cobra Triangle
Super C
Dick Tracy
The Fantastic Advenutres of Dizzy
Double Dragon
Double Dragon II The Revenge
Double Dribble
Dragon Power
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior II
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrior IV
Dr. Mario
Duck Hunt
Felix The Cat (w/manual)
Fester’s Quest (w/manual)
Fist of the North Star
Friday the 13th (w/manual)
Golf (w/manual)
Golgo 13
The Goonies II
Ice Climber
Ice Hockey
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (w/manual)
Jurassic Park
Karate Champ
Kid Icarus
Kung Fu
Legacy of the Wizard
The Legend of Kage
Legendary Wings
Life Force
Mad Max
Megaman 2
Megaman 4
Megaman 6
Metal Gear
Micro Machines
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Milon’s Secret castle (w/ manual)
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden II
Pac-Man (w/manual)
Rainbow Islands
RBI Baseball
RC Pro Am
Rescue Rangers
River City Ransom (w/manual)
Robocop 2
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Sky Shark
Solar Jetman
Spy vs. Spy
Stealth ATF (w/manual)
Super Glove Ball (w/manual)
Super Mario Bros. (w/manual)
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (w/coverless manual)
Super Mario Bros. 2
SuperSpike V’Ball
SuperSpike V’Ball/Nintendo World Cup
Target: Renegade (w/manual)
T&C Surf Designs
Tecmo Baseball
Time Lord
Top Gun
Top Gun The Second Mission
Total Recall
Track & Field II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game
Wizard & Warriors
Wrath of the Black Manta (w/manual)
WWF Wrestlmania
The Legend of Zelda (w/ coverless manual)
The Adventures of Link

The Battle of Olympus
Break Time (Sealed)
Final Fantasy
Super Mario Bros. 3
Zoda’s Revenge

Sega Master System:

Action Fighter CIB
After Burner CIB
Alex Kidd in High Tech World CIB
Alex Kidd in Miracle Wolrd CIB
Alex Kidd The Lost Stars
Alien Syndrome CIB
Altered Beast CB
Astro Warrior CIB
Aztec Adventure CIB
Black Belt CB
Blade Eagle 3-D CIB
Bomber Raid CIB
California Games CB
Captain Silver CB
Casino Games CIB
Choplifter CB
Cloud Master CIB
Cyborg Hunter CB
Double Dragon CIB
Double Hawk CIB
Dynamite Dux CIB
F-16 Fighting Falcon CIB (Sega Card)
Fantasy Zone: The Maze CIB
Gangster Town CIB
GhostBusters CIB
Ghost House CIB (Sega Card)
Ghouls’n Ghosts CB
Global Defense CIB
Golden Axe CIB
Golfamania CIB
Golvellius – Valley of Doom
Great Baseball CIB (Some writing on back of manual)
Great Baseketball CB
Great Football CIB
Great Golf CIB
Great Volleyball CIB
Hang On/Safari Hunt CIB
Joe Montana Football CIB
Kenseiden CB
King’s Quest CIB
Kung Fu Kid CIB
Lord of the Sword CIB
Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting CB
Miracle Warriors Seal of the Dark Lord CIB (No Map)
Missile Defense 3-D CIB
Monopoly CIB
My Hero CB (Sega Card)
Out Run CIB
Paperboy CIB
Phantasy Star CIB
Poseiden Wars 3-D CIB
Power Strike CB
Pro Wrestling CIB
Rambo First Blood Part II CIB
Rampage CIB
Rastan CB
Rescue Mission CIB
Rocky CB
R-Type CIB (Manual cover slightly torn)
Scramble Spirits CIB
Shanghai CIB
Shinobi CIB
Shooting Gallery CIB
Slap Shot CIB
Space Harrier CIB
Space Harrier 3-D CIB
Super Tennis CIB (Sega Card)
Spy vs Spy CIB (Sega Card)
Teddy Boy CB (Sega Card)
Thunder Blade CIB
Transbot CIB (Sega Card)
Vigilante CB
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? CIB (Both manual and Detective’s Almanac)
Wonder Boy CIB (Slight Tears in manual cover)
Wonder Boy in Monster Land CIB
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap CIB
World Grand Prix CIB
Y’s The Vanished Omens CIB
Zaxxon 3-D CIB
Zillion CIB
Zillion 2 The Tri Formation CB

Atari Jaguar:

Alien vs. Predator CIB (3 overlays)
Attack of the Mutant Penguins CIB
Doom CIB (1 overlay)
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story CIB
Missile Command 3D CIB
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure CIB
Tempest 2000 CIB
Wolfenstein 3D CIB (1 overlay)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons CIB (2 overlays)
Armor Battle CIB (No overlays)
Lock N’ Chase CIB (2 overlays)
Night Stalker CIB (2 overlays)
Tron Deadly Disc CB (No overlays or manual)
SNAFU CB (2 overlays, no manual)
Sub Hunt CIB (2 overlays)
Astrosmash CIB (3 overlays)
Space Armada CIB (2 overlays)
Space Battle CIB (2 overlays)
Space Hawk CIB (2 overlays)
Star Strike CIB (2 overlays)
Auto Racing CIB (3 overlays)
Football CIB (2 overlays)
Major League Baseball CIB (2 overlays)
PGA Golf CIB (2 overlays)
Word Fun CIB (2 overlays)
Bomb Squad CIB (2 overlays)
Tron Solar Sailer CIB (2 overlays)
Space Spartans CIB (2 overlays)
Atlantis CIB (2 overlays)
Beauty & the Beast CIB (no overlays)
Dragonfire CB (2 Overlays)
Mr. Basic Meets Bits’n Bytes CIB (6 overlays, 2 of each mr.basic, the cannon & Vampire bats)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack CIB (4 overlays)
Sewer Sam CIB (1 overlay)
Pitfall! CIB (2 overlays)
Vectron C
Coleco Donkey Kong C
Coleco Carnival C

Christmas Carol CIB (2 overlays)
D2K Arcade CIB (2 overlays)
Lost Caves of Kroz CIB (2 overlays)
Space Cunt CIB (2 overlays)
DK arcade CI (no overlays, no box)

Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module CIB

Neo Geo Pocket Color System: Comes with box,which has price sticker residue on the front, and surface tear on one end. There’s also a clear round sticker on the other end. Manual and warranty card are also included. System is in good shape and works well.

Neo Geo Pocket Games:
Biomotor Unitron (CIB)
Baseball Stars (CIB)
Crush Roller (CIB)
Match of the Millennium (CB)
Dive Alert Becky’s Version (C)

GameBoy/Color Games:
Final Fantasy Adventure
Final Fantasy Legends
Resident Evil Gaiden

Video Game Guides:

Quest 64
Yoshi’s Story
Mario Mania Nintendo Player’s Guide
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner
Legend of Zelda The Windwaker
Xenosaga Episode 3 Art Book
Starfox Adventures
Metroid Prime
NES Game Atlas (bad shape, falling apart)
Donkey Kong 64
Super Smash Bros. Melee (bad shape, falling apart)
Parasite Eve
Romancing Saga
Eternal Darkness
Resident Evil Director’s Cut
Resident Evil 2

GameCube Games:
Lord of The Rings: The Third Age CIB
Lost Kingdom CIB
Resient Evil CIB
Resident Evil Zero CIB

N64 Games:
Mega Man 64 Sealed (Slight dent in front)
Jet Force Gemini
Wave Race 64
Cruisin USA
Extreme G
Fighting Force 64
Rainbow Six
Star Wars Shadow of the Empire

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