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A Kickstarter campaign for Yan’s World, the Virtual Boy-inspired puzzle platformer for PC, has recently launched to finally bring the project to completion after many years of development. $20,000 are required for the game to be funded, with a $25,000 stretch goal being called for a port to the actual Virtual Boy.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter for more info and a demo of the PC version.

Yan’s World is a pixel art-based puzzle platformer stylized as a lost title for Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. As Yan, the protagonist whose power is only rivaled by his own deadpan quips, you’ll use your magic pillow to shoot enemies and solve puzzles within the game environment to progress. Levels are constructed as miniature obstacle courses, where you must think first about solutions to progress without taking damage. Combined with the unique artstyle and gameplay, we hope that Yan’s World is a different and fun experience atypical from the traditional platformers that come out in the indie space.

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