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Banda Virtual has released another pseudo homebrew minigame for Virtual Boy. That is, a Game Boy homebrew game that was made specifically to be wrapped in M.K.’s Game Boy Emulator to create a VB ROM of it.

“ZXN”, presumably a play on arcade classic Zaxxon, is a simple sidescrolling space shoot’em up game that restarts from the beginning once you get hit, similar to their previous game, Super Jump.

As usual, it has been released on Youtube. You can also find the ROM attached to this post.

I am still looking for a better term for this type of homebrew, by the way, so let me know your ideas. πŸ™‚

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I love this guy. These are such weird little releases, and I like the way he just casually drops them on YouTube.


Very cool πŸ™‚

Name ideas:
G/VB Rom
VB Romlet (let = “Light or Lite”)
VB eRom (e for emulated)

GeeVBrew (Think GB –> VB HomeBrew)
GVBrew (shortened version, pronounced the same)
VBrew (Ok this idea is just for VB HomeBrew)
VBeBrew (VB emulated HomeBrew)

….I’ll post again if I think of more, lol

Cool. I have to check out the Game Boy Emulator and VB Studio.

Thanks for the ideas! “Microbrew” and “eRom” sound pretty cool, but I am afraid they both aren’t really clear on what these games are. Maybe something like “nonnative homebrew”? Doesn’t sound too catchy, though.

Thanks KR155E! Gonna give this a shot on Mednafen πŸ™‚

VyBrid ROM, maybe?
I think it’s clear enough as it stands for VB Hybrid ROM, a meeting point between the Virtual Boy and something else (Game Boy in this case).
I wished I could call it VBrid ROM, but then I noticed the pronounce would only sound correct in my language: “hybrid” in italian is “ibrido” and “i” is always “ee” for us.

An even better alternative could be V-GB ROM. Definitely less inspired, but nomenclature requires precision on top of everything.


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