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A Tense, Underrated Experience By gamesbloke

This game truly blew me away the first time I played it. The atmosphere is there despite the limitations imposed by the VB in terms of graphics and sound. I found the experience tough, occasionally frustrating but rewarding.

There is a level of tension brought about by the time limit (Which some level as a criticism. Me personally I find that the timer adds to the tension/fun/excitement) and the ammo/crosshair mechanic. Again, for me, I found the crosshair fine. It is annoying when you get caught but then again the easy password system makes it not too annoying.

I have a small level of disappointment as I want other things such as more weaponry, different rooms/safe zones for healing or item changes like Resident Evil/Biohazard but I guess these may detract from the raw tension/occasional terror of the monsters(very well drawn) and the strictness of the time limit.

There is plenty to recommend in this game. As a top drawer title it would fall short as it has extremely limited life. But if you treat it as a fun diversion for occasional play then you are in for a treat.

People disregard a lot of this and are disappointed by its limitations. I find that some of the limitations in gameplay add something to the atmosphere. Multiple endings keep it from getting too stale after you’ve played it for a few hours.

This is surprising and addictive if you give it a chance!

8 / 10

Rated: Nov 07, 2012 • 00:00