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A Striking Game with Red Hot Action!

Nester, the one-time bad boy of comic fame, brings you the funkiest game of bowling you’ll ever experience in 3-D. Finally fans can throw a strike without putting on ill-fitting shoes!

Hester, the unknown twin sister, makes her debut appearance. Watch out as the action picks up and the tensions build for these hot-headed bowlers. Their egos clash with outlandish gestures and funky expressions.

  • Incredible 3-D graphics for the ultimate dimensional play!
  • Challenging action tests players of all levels!
  • Frame-by-frame scoring follows the laws of bowling!
  • One or two player games! Three game modes add variety to your bowling experience!
  • Customize characters to your style of play!
  • Animations were done by Saffire in Deluxe Paint.
  • Main character Nester was the mascot of Nintendo Power Magazine.
Game Details
Developer: Saffire
ROM Size: 16 MBit
Release Status: Released
Year: 1996