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Nester's Funky Bowling Promo (United States)

US Nintendo Power Previews in-store promo for the 3D Bowling game. Features voice overs by Cam Clarke.


It's 3-D action that spares no thrills, it's Nester's Funky Bowling for Virtual Boy. You control Nester or his twin sister Hester as you strike, spare and pick up the toughest of splits. Bowl right or left-handed either solo or against a friend and follow along with frame by frame scoring just like real bowling but in Virtual Boy 3-D. Three different play modes: practice, bowling and challenge let you test your skill to the fullest. So grab a polyester shirt, it's time for the most realistic pin action around with Nester's Funky Bowling for Virtual Boy. A 3-D game for a 3-D world.

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