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Panic Bomber GameFAQ
by Aaron Doucet • Last updated: Nov 20, 2001 • Version: 1.1
Aaron Doucets Guide To PPPPPPPP BBBBBBBBBB P P B B P P B B P P B B PPPPPPPP BBBBBBBBBB P Anic B B Omber P B B P B B P B B P BBBBBBBBBB (I Suck at ascii art) By Aaron Doucet (SLing@moonside.net) ICQ: 39573079 AIM: arnoct123 MSN: arnoct@hotmail.com Homepage: http://www.mp3.com/Aaron_Doucet/ Version 1.1 (Final) Note: I will no longer be updating this FAQ. Theres really been nothing to update... This final update has just fixed my contact info, to talk to be use any of those things... (Note, I'm usually never on ICQ.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0.0 Introduction 0.1 Disclaimer 0.2 Getting Started 1.0 The Characters 1.1 The Controls 1.2 The Strategy 2.0 Cheats 2.1 Passwords 3.0 Credits 3.1 Whats coming up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0.0 INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome To the well known world of Bomberman! This FAQ is intended for people who want more info on the game and for people that got the game used without a manual (like me ;)) Basically Panic Bomber is a game very much like Tetris, in the fact that you're supposed to get 3 in a row to get Bombs. Get as many as possible, then EXPLODE THEM to make your opponents screen get dead bombs on his screen. The first person to have his screen filled up with peices and bombs loses. Panic bomber is the most addictive game for the virtual boy, and I hope everyone will appreciate this FAQ. Currently the FAQ is complete except for all the passwords, I'll finish the list when I can find my notebook where I stuck my Very Easy and Hard codes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0.1 DISCLAIMER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, since I'm terrible at disclaimers, I'll tell you this: Don't rip me off. If I ever find this FAQ on sites that I haven't authorized to have them on it, I'll e-mail you or something... well, come to think of it I'll probably get really mad but I really don't want people using this for thier sites for themselves. Also, if I ever EVER find someone that copied this FAQ and just took my name out I'll flame you and mailbomb you until you take it down. Remember, this is MY work, not yours. I can do whatever I want with it. Anyways, if you'd like to use this FAQ on your site just e-mail me at SLing@moonside.net and I'll gladly give you permission. Oh, Bomberman, All of the bomberman Characters, Peices and Graphics are registered trademarks of Nintendo. Virtual Boy is a registered trade mark of Nintendo. This FAQ Copyright 2000/2001 Aaron Doucet. Current Authorized Sites: GameFAQS: www.gamefaqs.com About.com: www.about.com Oh, and don't use this FAQ if you hate spoilers... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0.2 GETTING STARTED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well first of all I'd like to say READ THE MANUAL TO YOUR VIRTUAL BOY. You don't want to be blinded permanently, do you? :o) First of all, turn the VB on. Put Automatic Pause On. On the "Virtual Boy" screen, adjust the focus so its sharp enough for your eyes, then adjust the IPD (Inter Pupil Distance) so the 4 little icons on the corners all show up. For some people it may only be 3 you can see, if its that, then just proceed. Now you'll see a scene with clouds, you can watch this, but if you don't want to just press START. Now you'll be on a screen with a dancing bomberman. Your Choices Are: START PASSWORD THE RULES OPTIONS Here is what they do: START: Brings you to a place where you can choose what skill level you want to play on. The choices range from 'VERY EASY' to 'HARD.' I suggest you pick VERY EASY first. Then you get to pick your blocks, just pick whatever looks most eye pleasing to you. PASSWORD: Brings you to a screen where you can input a password. THE RULES: Basically tells you how to play. OPTIONS: Your Choices Are: (choices with ""s around them are defaults.) BOSS BATTLE ("Skull"/Normal) CONTRAST (1/2/3/4/"5"/6/7/8/9/10) BG SCROLL ("on"/Off) Here is what they do: BOSS BATTLE: Skull: Just like a normal battle, except the dead bombs are boxes, and when you blow them up you may get good or bad results. Normal: Just like a normal battle. *Note: These only happen when fighting bosses.* CONTRAST: It is so you can pick how bright it is. BG SCROLL: On: The background scrolls during battles. Off: The background DOESNT scroll during battles. After you have set up your game, you can proceed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.0 THE CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE SCARY RUINS 1. DRIFTY ************************** "I'm Just Floating Around. Want To Play?" *I am Drifty. * *These ruins are my home.* ************************** He's a baloon shaped person.. Not that hard to beat. 2. KRAKEN ******************************** "Keep Your Distance. Go Back Home." *The Name Is Kraken. * *I Go Right For The Throat. * ******************************** He Looks like an octopus :D Not that hard... But I hate his dying face. 3. BOSS #1: ZACH ******************************** "Tee Hee, I'll Be Slashing You Up." *My Name Is Zach. * *I am a Were-Bomberman! * ******************************** First boss... Make sure to kill him quickly. (See Strategy Section for help) "Bomberman Got The Star Medal." ************************************************************************************************ THE SINISTER FOREST 4. TORAN THE GHOST ******************************** "Run for your life!!" *I am Toran The Ghost. * *Boo. * ******************************** Ghost dude... Not too hard. 5. CECIL THE TIGER ******************************** "I'll belt you out of the forest." *Cecil the tiger is the name. * *I eat intruders,and pizza too!* ******************************** He is a cat... It breaks my heart when he's losing :) 6. BOSS #2: PARTZ ******************************** "My duty is to protect the medal. Be Gone." *My name is Partz. * *I was built to win. * ******************************** For a boss he's really not all that hard... but none of them really are. "Bomberman Got The Moon Medal. ************************************************************************************************ DESERT OF DESOLATION 7. AMORPHOUS-MAN ******************************** "Find a happy place to cry!" *I am Amorphous-Man. * *I will rock your little world.* ******************************** This is the first real 'hard' person. He's really easy on the "VERY EASY" level, but other than that he's quite fast. Just try to fill his screen up with bombs (look at the strategy section) 8. TORAL THE ETHERAL ******************************* "I have waited 5000 years for this..." *Toral The Etheral. * *I command the thunder! * ******************************* Remind you of anyone? Yes, this is Toran The Ghosts Brother... But why has he waited 5000 years? Oh well... Oh by the way, this guy is easy! 9. BOSS #3: RAHTUT ****************************** "HA HA HA HA HA!" *Here's Rahtut.He will dazzle* *you with his royal wizardry.* ****************************** Well, theres only 1 (or 2) people left after this guy, so for a second-to-last boss, he isn't really all that hard. Just follow the strategies shown in the strategy section and you should have no trouble. "Bomberman got the Sun Medal." ************************************************************************************************ DOOM CASTLE 10. FINAL BOSS: COUNT DRACU-BOOM ****************************** "I shall beat you in a three-game match. These medals *Welcome,Count Dracu-Boom Is * are MINE!" *The Name.I have a short fuse* ****************************** Before this match, you'll be treated to a nice sequence. This guy is the last (kinda) boss in the game, so of course, you'd think he's hard... but if you're playing on anything below medium then he's just as easy as everyone else. If you beat him twice in a row, then you'll be treated to the hardest boss in the game, Ms. Flashy. "Shucks, I lost. I give you the gold bomber." Now you'll be treated to a nice sequence of a door opening and junk... If you beat him twice in a row (without being beaten by him,) you'll fight: 11. BONUS BOSS: MS. FLASHY ***************************** "Hold on! That gold bomber is mine." *Call me Ms. Flashy! * *I am very fast. * ***************************** Wow, this girl is the biggest challenge in the game... First of all, if you're playing medium or hard, your peices will fall REALLY fast. Also, she is very very fast, and can usually get a bomb before you. After you beat her, if you're playing on hard you'll be treated to a fireworks scene and the credits. Otherwise, you'll be treated to a screen saying "Play on the next difficulty level." After that, you'll get your stat sheet. Congratulations! You have beaten Panic Bomber! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.1 THE CONTROLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Virtual Boy controller looks like this: FRONT: | Select B | --- --- | Start A | BACK: L R (Not drawn EXACTLY to scale) Left D-Pad: Up: No Effect Down: Drop Peice Left: Move Peice Left Right: Move Peice Right Start: Pauses the game. Select: No effect. Right D-Pad: Left: Rotates Peice Right: Rotates Peice L: Rotates Peice R: Rotates Peice A: Rotates Peice, Chooses menu items B: Rotates Peice, Cancels ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.2 THE STRATEGY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, alot of people get halfway through the game and say "this is too hard." Thats because they don't know the REAL way to get through the game. First of all, the golden rule is: Don't explode your bombs unless you absolutley have to (or you can't do otherwise.) When you get an exploding bomb, just explode it on some peices (and make sure the flame doesn't get to the bombs) because the more bombs you have, the more your opponents screen will fill up. Wait until you get at least 4 or 5 rows of bombs, then explode them. Trust me, you'll win about 30 seconds later if you do that. Also, when you get a HUGE bomb, try not to explode it on your bombs, because if you do you'll lose all of those bombs. Basically, just "build up a good offense" and you'll get really good. Remember: Speed is everything. If your opponent gets thier big bomb before you, you'll probably lose because it automatically puts dead bombs on your screens (the higher the skill level, the more bombs.) Remember this, and you'll be a master Panic Bomber player in no time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.0 CHEATS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHT AGAINST ALL BOSSES: Enter the password 1298 in the password selection screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.1 PASSWORDS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EASY: 6835 - The Sinister Forest 9081 - The Desert of Desolation 2473 - Doom Castle MEDIUM: 4390 - The Sinister Forest 3281 - The Desert of Desolation 5607 - Doom Castle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.0 CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com) For putting up this FAQ :) Me (SLing@moonside.net) For Typing up this FAQ :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.1 WHATS TO COME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nothing, I've figured that this game doesn't need a FAQ that is updated regulary... If you want the passwords, you can just click the 'codes' link on that GameFAQs page :o) *** Disconnected