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5 Cheats
Cheat: Boss mode

With the password 1298, you can play against all the bosses.

Cheat: Different tiles

Enter 9782 as a password for a different set of tiles.

Cheat: Passwords
  Star Medal: Moon Medal: Sun Medal:
Very Easy 4390 3281 5607
Easy 6835 9081 2473
Normal 2695 1038 6934
Hard 8647 0538 9316
Hex Code: Red Dragon Cheats

CT: Debug Mode
CC: 3-00006B4-00AC
CC: 3-00006B6-9403
CC: 2-000090C-0020
CC: 2-0000958-00A0
CC: 2-00009B6-0040
CC: 3-0000D0A-F8A4
CC: 3-0000D38-F8A4
CC: 3-0000D64-F8A4

CT: Stage Select
CC: 3-00006B2-E841
CC: 3-00006B4-02AC
CC: 3-00006B6-4C79
CC: 3-0028000-E4D1
CC: 3-0028002-D6A6
CC: 3-0028004-E141
CC: 3-0028006-E4D1
CC: 3-0028008-F8A4
CC: 3-002800A-1F18

Cheat: Set difficulty

This is a bit useless, but you can also select the difficulty level by using the following passwords:

  • 1000: Very Easy
  • 2000: Easy
  • 3000: Normal
  • 4000: Hard