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2 Patches
Hack: Save Support
  • compatible with the Japanese version (and the English translation patch if you like)
  • disables the forced delay to read the warning screen
  • title screen: makes Start button open the main menu instead of booting directly into game
  • saves game progress and character upgrades at the end of each Area
  • adds a Continue option on the main menu to load saved progress
  • adds support for saving high scores
  • fixes an original game bug when updating high scores (old scores weren’t propagated down the list correctly when beaten)
  • saves all Config Mode options: level (difficulty), backdrop, BGM toggle, match points, continues and brightness
  • erase save by pressing L Trigger + R Trigger + Left D-Pad Down + Right D-Pad Down on the title screen

Sources here.

Author: Vague Rant

space-squash_vb_save-support_v1.2.ips (2 KB)
Translation: Space Squash English Translation

A very accurate and complete English translation patch.

Authors: Benjamin Stevens, thunderstruck, Greg Stevens, Feel

space-squash-english-patch.ips (17 KB)