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4 Patches
Debug, Hack: Access Debug Menu with Select

This patch reduces the 20 button sequence to press on the config screen to just a single press of Select for easy activation.

Author: Vague Rant

vertical_force_usa_debug_hack_with_select.ips (20 B)
Trainer: Infinite Energy

Gives your ship infinite energy. To be applied to the US version ROM (MD5 87c38f66d5b9ead72af22f515a3a5f51).

Author: enthusi

vfcheat.ips (14 B)
Hack: Save Support
  • adds support for saving high scores and completion times in all three difficulties
  • prevents high scores/best times from being written if you came via level select
  • saves the brightness, difficulty and control settings
  • erase save by pressing L Trigger + R Trigger + Left D-Pad Down + Right D-Pad Down on the title screen

Sources here.

Author: Vague Rant

vertical-force_usa_vb_save-support_v1.0.ips (624 B) vertical-force_japan_vb_save-support_v1.0.ips (634 B)
Debug: Unlock Debug Menu

This patch unlocks a debug menu, which contains a level select and a sound test. More info can be found in the included readme.

Author: Parasyte

vforce.zip (728 B)