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Virtual Jockey is an unreleased Nintendo Virtual Boy horse racing action game by Right Stuff where you play as a boy jockey that has to make an equally rookie horse, which was “born on a farm and which has no local reputation”, victorious in a grand derby.

It is a story-driven adventure game where you talk to various people from horse racing cycles, more than 20 according to magazine articles, including your personal secretary, Satsuki Yasuda, and even your horse. You have to become familiar with the characteristics of your horse and the courses, to be able to ride your horse well and win. The action oriented races, taking place in plenty of events, are visualized using polygon graphics for the horses and courses, and played from a first person perspective.

Even though Virtual Jockey has been very far into development and was likely even finished, given advertisements have appeared in Japanese magazines, its release, that was planned for December 1995, had been cancelled due to the Virtual Boy’s commercial failure. Eventually, the game has been reworked and released on the Sony Playstation as “Jockey Zero” on November 1st, 1996.

Game Details
Region: Japan
Release Status: Canceled