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Wangan Sensen Red City is an unreleased Nintendo Virtual Boy action shooting game developed by Aim (no pun intended there, presumably ๐Ÿ˜‰).

Your duty in this game is to protect a city along the gulf coast by shooting down missiles that come flying in parabolic paths from the back of the screen and go for a highscore.

To intercept the enemy missiles you have a double cursor system at your disposal, where you control 2 cursors at the same time with both the left and right control pads. Move a cursor over a missile and shoot it down, or the city will take damage. In addition, the player’s two cannons can also be attacked. If the whole city gets destroyed, the game ends. Once all of the missiles are intercepted, the player wins and gets awarded points, depend on the buildings saved, before proceeding to the next stage.

Throughout a total of 9 stages, the player has to fight a huge battleship once every three stages. In the final stage an extra huge battleship awaits.

Wangan Sensen Red City was originally announced to launch in December 1995 in Japan, then delayed indefinitely at about 90% completion, before eventually getting cancelled due to the Virtual Boy’s commercial failure.

Game Details
Developer: Aim Co., Ltd.
Genres: Action, Shooter
Region: Japan
ROM Size: 8 MBit
Release Status: Canceled