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Developer cartridge which uses EPROM chips to hold binaries of (non-final) game code. Those cartridges were using during software development.

They could hold either 2 4MBit or 8 MBit chips, so 8 or 16 MBit in total. The cart also has 32 KByte of SRAM for saving, while standard carts only have 8 KByte.

4 DIP switches on the cartridge let you select which size of EPROM chips is used and if the SRAM is to be used:

  • DIP 1: EPROM size
    OFF: 4 MBit EPROMs, ON: 8 MBit EPROMs
  • DIP 2: not used
  • DIP 3: SRAM
    OFF: Don’t use SRAM, ON: Use SRAM
  • DIP 4: not used

Serial: VUE-(E)BA3A

Hardware Details
Release Status: Released
Year: 1994