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The VUE-Debugger is the Virtual Boy development system, which was made and sold by Intelligent System to licensed software companies.

It consists of the debugger itself, which has the same name, as well as a special Virtual Boy (Early Units included a prototype VB), a controller, docs, software and drivers. To use the Debugger, a PC interface board had to be purchased as well. Optional accessoiries were additional 4 MByte Emulation Ram, a PAL ouput board to connect the debugger to a TV, the Video Boy (a stand-alone Unit to view VB games on a PAL TV) and the Flash Gang Writer, a unit to write up to 8 VB Flash Carts at the same time.

Games are being programmed in C or ASM on the PC, then they’re transferred onto the debugger via the SCSI card. The game can then be playtested in 3D with the contained Virtual Boy unit or in 2D using the optional Video output card. This software was supplied by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems on disks, containing drivers, a C compiler, sample code and manuals.


  • VUE-Debugger
  • Scanner (VB Head)
  • Controller
  • Documentation
  • Software & Driver Disks
Hardware Details
Release Status: Released
Year: 1994