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Formula V is a fast, futuristic top-down racing game, think F-Zero meets Micro Machines. It is about a high velocity racing series featuring spaceship-like, hovering racers that succeeded today’s “Formula” racing series, like “Formula 1”. The game is currently being developed by Team VUEngine, funded through their Patreon campaign. Regular work-in-progress demos are available for backers of the campaign and there’s a recent public demo as well.

Currently implemented features include:

  • 128 MBit ROM
  • Race against 7 CPU-controlled opponents
  • Supports the Link Cable for versus races
  • Race against ghosts in time trials
  • Feel the game thanks to Rumble Pack support
  • PCM music
  • Working Title: Mach 7
Latest Download
Latest: Formula V Public Demo ROM • October 14, 2021
Homebrew Details
Developer: KR155E
Developer: Jorgeche
Genre: Driving
Type: Game
ROM Size: 32 MBit
Save Option: SRAM
Release Statuses: Released, Upcoming
Year: 2022
2 Supported Peripherals