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Application to determine what exactly is wrong with a defective display.

If you have a bad display (noticable in a game) and can’t reproduce the problem with this tester, let me know… I think everything is being tested, but it’s possible I missed a test case (or your problem is intermittent).


  • Select: toggle between the test and status screen

Working only on the test (not status) screen:

  • Start: go to the next test
  • A: toggle manual/auto (automatically loops parameters for the tests)
  • B: selects the next color (dark to bright red)

In manual mode:

  • LU/LD: BRTA in Solid mode, moves bar up/down in Horizontal Line mode
  • LL/LR: BRTB in Solid mode, moves bar left/right in Vertical Line mode
  • RU/RD: BRTC in Solid mode
  • Hold either trigger to step adjustments by one
Latest Download
Latest: Display Test (v1) ROM • April 6, 2009
Homebrew Details
Developer: DogP
Release Status: Released
Year: 2009