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Planet Virtual Boy held a coding competition in Fall and Winter of 2013, called “Virtual Fall“, where the main prize would be a “limited complete-in-box production run” of the winning game. Since the eventual winning entry, M.K.’s Game Boy Emulator, wasn’t well suited for a physical release at all, plans were changed, and a multicart including (almost) all competition entries was secretly prepared and sent out to contestants as a surprise gift. Approximately 15 copies exist in total.

The following 6 games are included, selectable through an in-game menu:

  • 3D Crosswords
  • Deathchase
  • Flappy Cheep Cheep
  • Mario Combat
  • Wireframe Library (Starfox Demo)
  • Zpace Racers

Two competition entries are not included: Game Boy Emulator and F-Zero Maximum Velocity.

Homebrew Details
Type: Game
Release Status: Released
Year: 2014