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A Virtual Boy version of the classic action puzzle game “Snake”. In it the player maneuvers a snake consisting of a line of squares through a rectangular playfield, trying to eat randomly popping up dots, which lengthen the snake by an additional square each, while avoiding collisions with the playfield’s outer border and the snake itself, which gets harder as the snake lengthens. The longer the player’s snake when a collision occurs, the longer the resulting score.

“VUE Snake” offers four modes of play:

  • Normal Mode: Try to eat as many dots as you can before the inevitable collision happens.
  • Marathon Mode: Like Normal Mode, but you play three consecutive rounds.
  • Double Mode: Like Normal Mode, but you play two snakes, each controlled with one of the two D-Pads.

Each game mode can be played in three different variants, “Slow”, “Medium” and “Fast”. Depending on the variant, the speed of the snake, as well as the points each eaten dot awards the player, change.  The game supports SRAM to save highscores for each combination of mode and speed. Saving, however, works only on emulators.

  • Two special editions of VUE Snake for contests on Swedish Retro Gaming conventions "Retrogathering 2009" and "Retrospelsmässan 2010" were produced.
  • “VUE Snake” finished fourth in the community voting for “VB Homebrew of the Year 2009”.
  • A special edition of "VUE Snake" has been made for the birthday of community member Benjamin Stevens. In addition to some "Ben" branding, it contained a few more minor changes, updates and fixes, like a fixed save function, which were meant to be included in the never materialized version 1.2 of the game.
Latest Download
Latest: VUE Snake (v1.1) ROM • April 17, 2009
Homebrew Details
Developer: KR155E
Genres: Action, Puzzle
Type: Game
Players: 1 Player
ROM Size: 4 MBit
Save Option: SRAM
Release Status: Released
Year: 2009