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A 25 FPS HiColor Full Motion Video of Super Mario 3D Land gameplay converted to the Virtual Boy. It is running in 7 colors by blending colors together in consecutive frames, which more or less heavily flickers in emulators but looks pretty smooth on a real Virtual Boy.

There are four differently sized versions of the ROM ranging from 16 MBit, which runs for about 2 seconds only, up to 256 MBit, the absolute maximum adressable space by using the expansion space, which runs for about 18 seconds.


  • Select – Show GUI
  • Start – Pause/Resume
  • Left – Previous Frame (when paused)
  • Right – Next Frame (when paused)
  • A – Enable/Disable HiColor
Latest Download
Latest: VUEngine Video Player ROM • October 22, 2018
Homebrew Details
Developer: KR155E
Video Conversion: STEREO BOY
Type: Demo
Players: 1 Player
Save Option: None
Release Status: Released
Year: 2018