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A 25 FPS HiColor Full Motion Video of Super Mario 3D Land gameplay converted to the Virtual Boy. It is running in 7 colors by blending colors together in consecutive frames, which more or less heavily flickers in emulators but looks pretty smooth on a real Virtual Boy.

There are four differently sized versions of the ROM ranging from 16 MBit, which runs for about 2 seconds only, up to 256 MBit, the absolute maximum adressable space by using the expansion space, which runs for about 18 seconds.

This demo is available exclusively to backers of the VUEngine Patreon campaign.


  • Select – Show GUI
  • Start – Pause/Resume
  • Left – Previous Frame (when paused)
  • Right – Next Frame (when paused)
  • A – Enable/Disable HiColor
Homebrew Details
Developer: KR155E
Video Conversion: STEREO BOY
Type: Demo
Players: 1 Player
Save Option: None
Release Status: Released
Year: 2018