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Application Number: US005653638A
Region: United States
Inventor(s): Hideo Nagata
Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Filed: August 30, 1995
Issued: August 5, 1997

A cartridge for game machine includes a flat housing (11) consisting of a front half (11F) and a rear half (11R), a board (30) contained in the housing, and a female connector(20) to be connected to a male connector having a plurality of terminal pins. A circuit pattern is formed on the board, and part of the conductive circuit pattern is drawn out to the end of the board so as to form distribution electrodes (32, 32F, 32R). A plurality of terminal holes (21) are formed in corresponding to the plurality of terminal pins, and a plurality of connection terminals (22F, 22R) electrically connected with the distribution electrodes are fitted in the terminal holes, whereby the terminal pins are connected to the distribution electrodes through the connection terminals.