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Application Number: US005808591A
Region: United States
Inventor(s): Yoshinobu Mantani
Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Filed: November 9, 1995
Issued: September 15, 1998

A body device 2 is attachably/detachably equipped with a program cartridge. The program cartridge 4 stores a game program, image data and a column table. The body device 2 reads the game program from the game cartridge 4 and executes the game program, and reads and refers to the image data to display a stereoscopic image with parallax in left and right display systems. At this time, the body device 2 reads timing data from the column table in the program cartridge 4 to control light emitting intervals of each LED in the display units. Thus, the dot pitch of the image is corrected to appropriate widths.