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Application Number: WO96/07218
Region: World
Filed: August 24, 1995
Issued: February 27, 1996

It is an object of the invention to provide a configuration wherein, in a multipolar electrical connector B, when a counter electrical connector 100 is not inserted, a number of contacts 3 are individually protected from an external force, and, when the counter electrical connector 100 is inserted, even if the contacts are somewhat bent, the contacts can be connected in an unforced manner with contacts of the counter electrical connector. In the multipolar electrical connector B, a cover member 4 is disposed in an insertion space 2 formed in the body 1, so as to be movable in extracting and retracting directions. The tip ends of the contacts 3 are housed in hole portions 41 of the cover member 4. Spring members 5 for urging the cover member 4, and an engaging mechanism 10 which restricts the position of the cover member are disposed between the body 1 and the cover member 4.