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Application Number: WO9614598A1
Region: World
Inventor(s): Yoshihiro Shimazu
Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Filed: November 7, 1995
Issued: May 17, 1996

A picture display having symmetrically arranged display sections for left and right eyes and guide pieces protruded from the upper surface of an upper chassis at the upper portions of the sections. The guide pieces are engaged with the left and right links. To adjust the distance between the display sections, a knob is turned and the links are slid laterally and symmetrically. A lever is provided to the central part of the upper surface of the upper chassis, and can be turned forward and backward. Pins respectively provided to left and right lens units are coupled to the left and right ends of the lever through universal joints which are integrally rotatable in the forward-backward direction, but expandable in the lateral direction. When the lever is turned forward or backward, the left and right pins symmetrically move laterally. As a result, the left and right display sections are focused.