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• Version (Latest) • May 15, 2021

There are 3 versions: one for production carts with BW screens, one for production carts with BWR screens and one for prototype carts. If you bought a regular cartridge, you want to go with hf-application-prod-

  • Automatically disconnects HF32 when leaving the USB tab
  • Filters for possible HF32 devices using WCMI before starting auto discovery
  • Increases connection retries

The HF32 needs a few seconds to boot up to be able to communicate. In firmware version 2.0 a short haptic burst indicates when the HF32 is ready.

3 Files
hf-application-bwr- hf-application-bwr-
Size: 8 MB
hf-application-prod- hf-application-prod-
Size: 8 MB
hf-application-proto- hf-application-proto-
Size: 8 MB