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Support application for the HyperFlash32 cart that allows you to manage your SD card in a convenient way.

The core features are:

  • SD card management
  • Add games to the SD card (Picking many might take a while)
  • Automatic detection of most games
  • Suggestion of labels, icons and padding mode
  • Update of label, icon and padding mode on the SD card
  • Add new label files
  • Import labels from bitmaps
  • Format your SD card to FAT32
  • USB connection
  • Access some developer features through the USB connection
  • HF32 is automatically detected
  • Firmware updates
  • Check if your HF32 firmware is up to date
  • Software updates through the application
Latest Download
Latest: HyperFlasher Tool • • May 15, 2021
Developer: thunderstruck
Platform: Windows
Type: ROM
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