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I’ve written a program to convert songs created with my DOS-based MUSPCS tracker to C header files for VB games.

Included is the tracker, the converter, a test song (composed by me), the converted song, a VB program to play the song, and DanB’s notes.h and voices.h files (required by the converter).

– Even though MUSPCS supports 4 sound channels, the converter only converts channel 1, regardless of how many channels the song has. This is because I haven’t figured out a good way to store and play multi-channel music in arrays.
– All notes are the same length; this is a limitation of MUSPCS. To create a longer note, you must place identical notes one after another, and while it will sound OK in the tracker, it won’t on the VB. The next version of MUSPCS should add support for sustain.
– No volume control.
– No stereo sound.
– Even though the tempo is stored in the MUSPCS song, the converter ignores it; you’re supposed to handle the tempo yourself in your game’s main loop.

Latest Download
Developer: HorvatM
Platform: Windows
Type: Sound