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@cyberakumaRegistered August 29, 2008Active 14 years ago
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dasi wrote:
The DLH3-95 is also available in the UK from RS Components:


£7.75 + £4.95 delivery + VAT

Is there anywhere in the US one can purchase these?

You can try what I did.

I purchased a broken virtual boy for $25 just for the parts, it still came with the eyeshield, stand, controller, everything, even a game, each of which goes for about $20-40 alone on ebay.

Then I purchased a virtual boy system alone for $40 🙂

shags wrote:
I can’t seem to get the merge tool to work so this project might get left to someone else that can figure it out

First of all I want to say I don’t know a whole lot about rom dumping, so sorry if I am saying something that has already been tried but didn’t work, or just dosen’t apply.

Do the split files contain any type of header and/or footer that would need to be cut before merging? Or are they just raw data split into pieces?

If its just raw data, you can just merge them with any hex editor, or even the windows command prompt:

KR155E wrote:
yes, there will be new ones. it seems that we are finally over the production problems we had. currently we are looking into new ways of creating boxes. we will probably have future boxes printed professionally, directly on cardboard. so no more stickers on baseball boxes, but original ones.

please feel free to preorder yours! you can still cancel it. plus it will still take some more weeks or months until we have catched up on all the preorders. 😉

Very well then, how do I preorder? How much are they now, I heard the price had to go up beyond $100 now?

blcklblskt wrote:

shags wrote:

Im building a cart dumper right now and was thinking of releasing this rom also virtual lab as those are the only 2 unreleased I have at the moment

If you spent all that money on those games, why would you dump them? I would love to play them, but its probably left being undumped and keeping its value.

Many people like to create a backup copy of their games so the original dosen’t suffer a degredation in quality, this is especially true with the PC gaming community since these are the easiest to create a backup.

You can dump your games, keep them on your computer, then store your collection somewhere safe, where when you want to play a game you already have, you can just load the rom from your computer onto the romcart and off you go, no need to worry about anything happening to the game.

Another is convinence, If one likes to eep the boxes with their games, and all inserts, manuals, etc tidy in the box, it can be a chore to switch games.

I suppose this isn’t as good an example, but what I do with my PSP, PS2 and Xbox1 is I have modified them to be able to run my game collection off their internal storage. I have a LOT of games I purchased over the years for my PS2, some of them semi-hard to find imports, and don’t want to worry about them getting worn out or damaged.

I can keep them in storage while still being able to play them, though of course theres also the added benefit of faster load times nd just being able to choose the game I want out of a list instead of switching disks, this is why I said it’s not that good an example but I feel my points about keeping the originals safe and convinence still stands.