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I have the AC adapter but, living in France, i need a 110V to 220V converter to use it.

There are different max. powers for these items : 45W, 75W or 100W.
Which one would be suitable for the Virtual Boy ?

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Any one of those will work just fine, since the VB AC adapter doesn’t draw more than 9W. The 45W is probably cheapest, so I’d say go for that one, if you don’t plan on using it for other (more power hungry) devices too.

You don’t need a converter. I just use a AC adapter.

Look at the thing, it probablz takes 100 to 220 anyway…
Most stuff that was thought to go international does 😉



VB AC adapter doesn’t fit in french electrical outlet ; i need 220 – 110 adapter or converter, anyway.

I use rechargeable batteries 🙂 Works fine so far 😉


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