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Hello All ,

I’ve not been to the site since 2003, I had posted before on some Virtual Boy prototypes and empty PCB’s with blank cart shells. Those are all gone now, sorry.

I’d like to find a place which can show me the list of games and it market value.

I have SD Gundam Dimension Wars for almost 5 yeras still in packing but found it its been dumped so I’m not happy with that. I do now have a Red Alert Demo working but the Mario World is not. Mario world is opened, everything seems ok but just will not boot.

I’ve also placed a sale for my Virtual Boy with Design Phase counter top display.


Let me know its real potential value and I’ll let all Plantel Virtual Boy members have it including Red Alert Demo cart.

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The pictured Red Alarm (not alert) demo cart is not extremely rare and valuable, but this “Mario world” you talk about sounds highly interesting. Could it be the Mario prototype game? If so, I’ll buy it 🙂

Yes, please post a pic of the “Mario World” cart.

Although I haven’t seen a small VB display like the one you’re selling one ebay for a while, IMO you’ve listed it WAY too high… last time I’ve seen them, they were selling for ~$150-$300, probably on the low end of that without the inserts.

Red Alarm demos aren’t very rare… the last few I’ve seen have sold for $50-$100, and that’s about the same for a working Wario Land demo… no idea what a non-working one would sell for (assuming you mean Wario Land, and not Mario World). If you do mean Mario World, yeah… post some pics… I’d be interested in seeing it, although if it doesn’t work, that’s sorta a problem :-/. Of course I may still be interested.


Go on show us your Mario World demo, think of it as a Christmas treat for VB fans. A photo of that cart will get quite a few people sweating if it is Mario World and not Clash or Wario.


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