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hello, i am trying to run 3d tetris [E] in an windows emulator. i tried both red dragon and reality boy. with both emulators, the game is somehow playable, but the grid lines of the pit “smear”. its really hard to play the game.

are there any tips / tricks / hacks to reduce that smearing effect ?

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currently, only vide correctly emulates direct-to-screen rendering used in all t&e soft titles, including 3d tetris. so the only way to play it in an emulator is to get yourself a mac. :/

Or install OS X on a PC. 😉

It still doesn’t work right on ViBE either though.



thanks for your help!

i once tried osx running inside vmware, but it was way tooo slow.

maybe i will someday get my hands on a real virtual boy and try 3d tetris.

im interested in 3d tetris because i am a big fan of blockout.

by the way: head over to http://www.3dtris.de and play my 3d tetris flash clone ( or say blockout – clone)

i got a nice inspiration from 3dtetris from virtual boy: the 5 layers display on the right panel. i will try to add that to my flash 3dtris, too!

a question: i read in the manual that there are chain reactions possible.
how can a chain reaction happen? is it with 3d tetris for virtual boy, that blocks obey to gravity? i.e. that a block / tetris piece, that is not supported by any blocks in the pit, falls down until it lands on some blocks in the pit? you know, in 2d tetris there is naive gravity, i.e. only clearing lines moves blocks in the pit downwards. and there is in tetris worlds or tetris for nintendo ds the option of real gravity (also called cascade gravity), where pieces drop until they really land on something in the arena. ( my tetris clone, http://www.gravytris.de has recursive cascade gravity, too)
i am very curious if 3d tetris for virtual boy has that feature, too.

kind regards to you virtualboy fans!

This is sort of off topic, but when are they (meaning Richard Bannister’s colleague) going to release ViBE for Windows/Linux? They’re supposed to have been working on it for a while now…

i don’t think they’re still working on it, there have been no real updates to vibe for a long time…

btw herc, very nice looking games! do you have any plans to program for the virtual boy? ^__^

yeah, if i would own a virtual boy, i sure would program for it..
i watch ebay, if i will manage to shot a virtual boy for under 100 euros, i am for sure into a bit programming!


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