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it always worked wonders… but last week i took it out of the closet to sell it, and didnt even try it, assuming it worked ok.

the guy calls me next day, telling me it started on an ocassion and played great, but as soon as he removed the batteries and put them back on, it never started again. maybe something to do with the battery pack (as removing and replacing batteries seemed to make it work)

maybe the batteries died? but it cant be he used it for like an hour or 2
should i buy a new pack?

he then gave it back to me, but i have not been able to make it work
maybe i could use an ac adapter, but the guide in this site is not very convincing, is there anything easier i can do? i just want to check if the system is working…

thanks for your help!

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The easiest thing to try is new batteries. The second easiest thing is an AC adaptor. I had a VB that on eBay was listed as broken (and it only cost me $5). When I transfered batteries over from my other VB it wouldn’t work, but as soon as I tried an AC, it started right up. I hope this info helped.

Maybe it is the batteries, hopefully.

The last thing you want is for the VB to die and need to give the money back.

Nintendo won’t repair Virtual Boy’s. I think.


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