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Here’s scans of the Japanese 3D Virtual Boy Magazine for you. Even for non-Japanese, this magazine contains some interesting stuff, like original full color renders of Virtual League Baseball, 3D “cross-eye” images of VB games and a stereogram on the cover. When you hold it very close to your eyes and stare right through it for a while, and then slowly take it away from your eyes, something like a large 3D-“V” becomes visible.

Click here to view the magazine online, or navigate to the magazine overview page and download a ZIP file containing the full res scans.


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Those wacky Japanese… The cover threw me off for a moment, because they put a cross-eye Red Alarm screen-shot over a wall-eye SIRDS (Single Image Random Dot Stereogram)!

Hey, Ben S., when can we expect a translation? 😉

Translating the whole magazine would probably take me several months, but page 35 does look very interesting to me, so I will probably be translating that sometime in the near future and will post the translation on this site. 🙂


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