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It works just fine on my old computer (Windows XP), but when I go and run it, the computer sounds like it’s being overworked. And on my new computer (Windows Vista), it says it has to change some settings in order for it to work. I’m just wondering what is making it do that stuff.

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Can you elaborate a little? How does the computer sound overworked, and what settings does Vista have to change?


When I play it, the color scheme changes to Windows Vista Basic. I have no idea what that means. And on the old one, the computer makes a really loud steady noise (like the fan or something is working extra hard) when I play, so I’m careful not to do it for so long.

Every time I play the emulator, this pops up. It’s quite annoying. And I can’t open the front because once I click on it, it says “rboy_front.exe has stopped working.” Is there a solution to all my problems or do I just have to keep playing Reality Boy in white instead of red, which I want red.


The color scheme thing is because Windows has to run in Compatibility mode in order for the emulator to work in Vista. Since it was most likely designed specifically for XP, Vista has to adjust for it to work.

It wasn’t designed for XP (Win98, if anything :-P) but it doesn’t include the “manifest” file that MS (apparently) requires programs to have in Vista.

I’m not sure why the front end doesn’t run, but I have the code (actually an updated version) and VisualStudio 2008, so I may be able to make a “Vista ready” version. No promises, though; I’m extremely busy finishing up a project and I don’t have any machines running Vista to test on.

I sent the new code to David, but he probably wouldn’t care if I distributed it, especially considering he hasn’t posted it anywhere himself.

(David, if you’re reading this and you didn’t receive it, let me know! In fact, let me know either way…)


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