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I honestly hope the person who gets them just keeps them and does not causes destruction upon those carts. It’s just me but I don’t like the idea of donor carts. Does this mean I’m mental?

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Huh? Did you forget to paste a link?


He probably means the FlashBoy.
I don’t like the idea of converting VB games to FlashBoys either, but that’s the only way they can be manufactured… right?
Why isn’t it possible to manufacture VB cartridges? Patents? Copyright problems?

The main body of the cart is not that much of a problem to make, it could be cnc milled, i intend on modelling a cart up so the outer case could be machined but the connector strip is a whole different kettle of fish. The holes are so small and the pitch has to be spot on, this looks to me like the hardest bit of a cart to reproduce.
Not sure about copyrights etc, as its essensially a dead machine as far as manufacturing is concerned.
But if by any chance the where abouts of a set of moulds is known then that will open up the possibilities of mass cart manufacturing, cnc milling a batch works but will be expensive. When time is a little more with me I might get a cart case milled to see how long it takes etc.
Would be quite cool to have them clear, which recently i figured could be possible, a bit tricky but possible.

I think it’s totally economics… a donor cart of games that there’s WAY too many of can be had for 25 cents or less if you find the right source (a 48 pack of Baseball sold for $10 at one time). If you made your own cart design, you could probably get one for 25 cents as well, but in quantities of 10s of thousands or more :/.

The connector is definitely the hardest part to acquire, since you’d have to have a custom connector made, from a connector company (like AMP or Molex), and not just anyone with a plastic mold (like the case).

I personally have no problem cutting up carts for donors… I figure there’s an abundance of common carts that people don’t really want, and it allows people to get more enjoyment out of it in its new life as a flash cart, new game, or whatever it gets transformed into.


This was supposed to be appended to some other topic and not it’s own.
But I still feel that way because it takes them less available to collectors and to people who want official games.

But I don’t know any collectors who can’t get their hands on a Virtual League Baseball :P. There’s WAY too many of them… compared to the number of people who want flash carts and can’t get one. If it weren’t for donor carts, there’d likely be no flash carts at all.


ironicly there is probably 10 vb games thatS easier to get then the flashboy 😛


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