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Hey everyone! After figuring out the magic combination that completes the registering process*, I finally have an account (that has existed for years according to my join date, lol)!

I’ve been eyeing this forum off and on for a little bit and am about to get back into VB stuff, so I thought now would be the perfect time to join. I’m one of those “little bit of everything” game collectors, but the 2 sets I’m most invested in/close to completing are US VirtualBoy carts (12/14) and the main series of Pokemon games.

I’ve had a VirtualBoy for about 4 years now I think? Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked for the last 2 years thanks to a screw-up on my part (the display ribbons are no longer attached to the displays and were damaged beyond my repair skills). I’ve really been wanting another one recently and finally tried to get a second head unit, which I won in an eBay auction earlier today!

I’ve seen the threads on the permanent fix and will probably seek that out for my new unit in the future, and might try to get a FlashBoy+ eventually. Is there anything else a newbie to the site should know? 😛

*For those trying to figure out how to register, you create an account like normal. If you try logging in, it puts you into a refresh loop. Delete the cookies for this site to fix that, then click “Resend Activation” and enter your email, activate your account, log in and it loops a couple times, then you should be good.

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Hey welcome to the site.

I did the same thing as you with my first VB… Oven didn’t work for me. Then I soldered and it looked good, but was still messed up. Then more attempts to fix it messed it up beyond repair. I tried to replace the ribbon cables completely with wires and got weird results, like one eye would work, then I’d solder the next and both would be screwed up.

The #2 VB I had repaired by someone on ebay, with a questionable method (trade secret). It’s still working good a year later, but if I could go back I would def send it to someone on this site who performs the soldering service.

Are you collecting all Pokemon games CIB?

I only have my original Blue with the box, no manual.
I’m a little bit of a collector myself, but only for what I find personally nostalgic. Like I wouldn’t care at all about owning a copy of “Stadium events”, just the games & systems I grew up playing.


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