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I recently bought a Neo Geo Multi Video System (MVS) Arcade Machine!!

The reason i posted this thread is well… the cabinet is known for its unique redness colour cabinet, the virtual boy is also red, colour wise and game wise! and there is one game i’d like to talk about! (i have the Australian version arcade cabinet, American version cabinets are red as well)

Here is a link to some photos of mine (it looks different now as i have cleaned it up a bit more and its all good and working now as well)


Anyway, the other thing i wanted to chat about is with Panic Bomber, this game is on the Virtual Boy and well… i noticed it was released on the Neo Geo MVS Arcade Machine as Panic Bomber as well, heres a review on it!


It looks fairly similar to the Virtual Boy Panic Bomber, gameplay wise.. i’ve never played it but im sure there is footage of the game on youtube as well!

Does anyone have a Neo Geo MVS or ever played this game? I’m interested! What are your thoughts?

Thanks πŸ™‚

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Congrats on the machine; it looks nice. I also have a red arcade cabinet (Midway Truxton) but I have no room in the house for it.

I’ve played MVS Panic Bomber via emulation. The game-play is indeed practically identical to the VB version. I haven’t played it for any considerable length of time, so there may be significant differences in the later levels, story, etc.

Thanks πŸ™‚ and that sounds like a nice cabinet! its a pitty they’re so big, i really like them but finding room for such a thing is tough!

That’s cool that its similar to virtual boy Panic Bomber, i might give it a go on a emulator as well!

Thanks for the comment!

I’ve had several Neo Geo cabs, though they’re pretty big and I don’t really like many of the games, so I’ve never kept any of them for very long. I do still have one of the small gold cabs (like: http://www.hardmvs.com/xml/usa/MVS-2-19/MVS-2-19b.jpg ), though I guess it’s kinda irrelevent to this post, since that one isn’t red πŸ˜› .



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