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I recently got the “3D Virtual Boy Magazine” (http://www.planetvb.com/modules/articles/?s025) from Japan. At first glance, it does not contain anything of interest, besides these color renders of Virtual League Baseball (scan attached). Can anyone read what that box says? Where those the original concept renders for the game? Was the game first called “Virtual Baseball” in both Japan and the US?

By the way: scans of the whole magazine will be released soon.

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[font=MS Gothic,serif]開発機材上での画面を入手

これが こうなる[/font]

Images [from a] development machine acquired

This time around, we see a strange screen[shot]. The two screen[shot]s in the right column seem to be images [taken] from a development machine (which is different from the real [console]). If the VB had been in color, could it possibly have looked [lit. been an impression] like this?

This turns into that.



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Interesting stuff.

I never thought Virtual League Baseball would manage to excite me.

Glad to see scans were done of this magazine!

If you need any help editing it:
I’m currently in college, so I don’t have too much free time, but if you would be willing to send me the scans I could give my hand in editing them under Photoshop when I have free time, bit by bit. It could however take a few months to complete, but I’d imagine it would be helpful all the same.


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