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I was going to post in my earlier thread I started, but hampered with no search function and I couldn’t find it, I decided to start this thread. Anyway, I just bought an AC Adapter off the Internet. I haven’t got it yet, but I was looking through pictures of the AC Adapter Tap and was wondering where the hole is to put the SNES AC Adapter in. Also, I don’t know the official name of what I bought. My order says “Virtual Boy Power Adapter Pack”, but that doesn’t really sound like anything on here. It said I would need a SNES AC Adapter (which I have) and so the picture on the box of the AC Adapter Set looks like it already has the cord built into it. So, if I ended up buying a Japanese Power Adapter thing, would it work on an American console?

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No search function?!

Anyway, sounds like you’re getting this: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/hardware/?type=accessories&sec=main&id=2 (d’oh, I need to fix the accessories section…)

If you swing it open, there’s a plus inside for the AC adaptor.

I have a Japanese AC adapter tap and it works perfectly with my American SNES AC adapter on my American Virtual Boy

Yea I have a SNES and a VB ac ac cord and tap and I tryed to use my SNES power cord to my VB tap and it did’nt do anything…


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