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Seriously, what is IGN’s problem with the VB? It has nothing to do with this game.


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Seriously, what is most peoples’ problem with the VB? I was driving home with a friend the other day and we got on the topic of the VB somehow, and the conversation went something like
Him: “Man, that was the worst system ever, I wish Nintendo had never even invented that.”
Me: “Um, I own 2, and they’re pretty amazing. You’ve never even played one.”
Him: “I don’t need to play one, I know it was awful.”
Me: “…..”

On another note about the article, I think it’s funny that they used a giant bloodshot eye to represent the VB. What is it with people thinking the VB hurts your eyes? Modern 3D has exactly the same capacity to do that and you don’t hear people whining about it.

Same here me and my friend was talking about video game systems then he said the virtual boy is the worst system ever. Then he came to my house and played it THEN he liked it.

Fwirt wrote:
Modern 3D has exactly the same capacity to do that and you don’t hear people whining about it.

I know, I have the same opinions…

The only people who hate the VB are those who never tried one, didn’t set the IPD dial and/or Focus right or just want to be “cool” and agree with everyone else because its the popular opinion that the VB is automatically bad 🙁

what makes me even angrier than people like that, are people who said it “killed Yokoi”, first off, the VB isn’t the car or was driving that car that killed him, secondly, Yokoi was planning retirement (from Nintendo, but he actually wanted to create his own company “Koto laboratories” that would rival against Microsoft) before the Virtual Boy, and it is said he mentions in his book that the Virtual Boy was meant to be his “thank you” last invention because he thought he’d give his team one more invention because he liked Nintendo so much, but sadly Yamauchi made him sell them before they were finished, so if the VB succeeded, he would have still left Nintendo, thirdly, people say “the VB killed Yokoi because he would have never been on that road that day if it were not for the VB” but seriously he could have died from that road (or another one) because car accidents are very common

*phew* *end of rant* 😀

oh wait one more thing… no popular opinion from haters is going to stop me from collecting and playing every VB thing I can… only money/availability/VB malfunctions could stop me 😉

Fwirt wrote:
Seriously, what is most peoples’ problem with the VB?

Simple, they momentarily forget that it was made by Nintendo. I mean, Nintendo knows what it was doing, even back then, in terms of playability and gameplay, even if the console itself failed.

It’s a pity, really. I’m glad at least the 3DS doesn’t seem to be going to flop.


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