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Following akumie’s advice, I’ve decided to start work on a game full of minigames. Castle of Doom is one of them. I’ve also began work on a second one, called The Candyman. It’s a little like the Atari 2600 game Fast Food where food is coming at you. The difference is whether to have the mouth open and accept the good food, or close the mouth and reject the bad food. The licorice is good, and the cherries are bad. But since there’s no score yet and no code for deciding whether a food has been rejected or accepted yet, there’s no reward/punishment. I don’t know how to print a score since I’ve never written a game that had one yet. So could someone tell me how to print out a score in C? That would help a lot.

To select a game, press B to move the cursor beside the game you wish, and press Start to start it. Pressing Select during a game makes you go back to the menu screen.

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Hopefully 54 mini games within 2 years 😀


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