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Well, my VB’s controller adapter is no longer in good working order. The adapter’s cord that comes out of the top is doing this bizarre thing where, if pulled on near the top of the controller even just a tiny bit, the power to the VB cuts out.

Even worse is that it doesn’t seem to be an “official” VB adapter; it appears to be made by a second-party videogame accessory maker (in this case, Performance – and the VB I got from eBay came with this adapter).

It does have several screws in the back where it’s clear it could be dismantled, but it seems for now I’ll have to play it on rechargable batteries (which isn’t so bad I suppose).

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Hmm… it sounds like you’ve got a broken wire in the adapter. I personally like that AC adapter better than the official ones because it’s smaller, and you don’t have to worry about the power cord falling out the bottom of the tap (which I’ve had happen sometimes, especially if I accidentally tug on it a little bit). But yeah, the wire is thinner than the official one, so I can see it breaking easier… I’d pop the case open, cut it after the break, then resolder it to the connector. You could also find the break, cut the wire, strip it, then reattach them (with a butt end connector, solder, etc). That’s actually the one I used many years ago when I made my rumble pack… so you can see what it looks like inside in the (crappy) picture here: http://home.comcast.net/~virtual.boy/projectvb/rumble.html .



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