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I’ve recently cleaned my house and located my Virtual Boy that I had well store along with 5 games. I hooked it up expecting (I guess somewhat foolishly) for everything to just magically work. However it “seems” like it’s not getting any power, ie NO screen activity. I’m using a nintendo made outlet adapter and checked all connections to the controller and to the adapter/power cord. Have tried the battery pack as well to no avail. and seeing that nintendo well just doesn’t offer any advice in repairing I found this place. Please help me I need my Tennis and Mario back stat. Fire away with thoughts, I’m not too shabby at home repairs and electronics so don’t worry that I may get cornfused and all. Thanks, my peoples.


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Sounds like the connectors in the controller is broken. The reason I’m saying that is because there is a small chance that both the Ac adapter and the battery pack both broke, though it is possible. Id try to buy a new controller.

If you listen closely, do you hear a faint hum, or feel a faint vibration, or if you shine a light into the eyepiece, do you see the mirrors move? If you don’t even see that, I’d say you’re likely not getting power to the system at all (bad AC adapter, bad connection at the tap, broken wire in the controller). I’d check the output of the AC adapter w/ a multimeter first, it should be ~10V DC IIRC.

If the mirrors are moving, then you’re getting power, so try pressing start a bunch of times and turn the volume up to make sure it’s not playing “blind” (as in the displays are dead, but the rest of the game is working). If the game is playing, but no display, then it’s possible that both of your displays are dead (the common cable problem). If nothing happens, I’d try a couple different games, and make sure you didn’t leave the cap on one of the games, which gets jammed in the slot (make sure the game goes all the way into the system).



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