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Howdy folks, looks like we got a few demos games & things to look at in the coding comp, looking forward to checking em all out.

I think i have them downloaded but:
Krisse is there any chance of grouping all the entries into a single zip with the final versions available for a single download?

Bribes for being voted up the list now being taken, I can be bought with a proto of Faceball, any takers, anyone, anyone, Beuller?

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I am checking everything out right now, some impressing stuff we got there. 🙂 I will eventually post a single ZIP file containing everything on the front page, I have just started compiling it and making screenshots. Some sources are incomplete, so I’ll have to wait for people to post the complete sources.

Sweet, look forward to it.
There does seem some great stuff there, I am hoping to have a go at a few tonight, I will make sure to check out the latest code etc before i cast my votes.


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