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Thread Error: The handle is invalid (6)

Has anyone gotten this error ?


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In what context? Where do you get it?

I presume you mean when flashing to a FlashBoy\Plus? If so, yes.

Try using different usb ports and use the included USB cable and it should work.

My PC has several USB ports, and only one of them works with the cart/software. I also tried using a different USB cable with it in the correct port, and it gave the same error. When using the included USB cable in the correct port, it flashed with no errors.

Yea, that’s what it was. It’s a shame πŸ™‚ all my usb ports are on the back of the computer. Seem’s like I can’t use an extender or hub. But, that’s oki πŸ™‚ it’s worth it.


Ah, I didn’t notice which forum this was posted in… heh, my bad πŸ˜›


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