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Bought a VB off Ebay, display did nothing. Had tech-savvy housemate solder the display cables and the left one is perfectly fine whilst the right one has terrible horizontal lines, as seems to happen with roughly 150 percent of all Virtual Boys ever produced. He’s currently seeing if he can resolder the offending lens, but I’m bracing for the worst.

I can’t find ANYWHERE online where I can buy ONLY a ribbon cable/lens, it’s all ‘buy an entire unit and say goodbye to 150-250 dollars.’ If anyone has any leads, please let me know, I would appreciate any information.

He thinks there’s possibly a botched attempt at repair by the previous owner. He talked about a specific pin near the centre of the board looking not quite right. He thinks he might be able to attempt a re-re-fix but again, I’m expecting the worst.

Thanks for any responces.

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I have a similar problem, we could team up sorta as I have only 1 working display, I could buy your working display so you could in turn have some money to pay a portion of a new headset. Or maybe you could buy my one working display? Dm me if you want!


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