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Since this has only been discussed on Discord and not at all on the forums, I would like to post this here as well for preservation reasons.

Thing is, there have been numerous leaks of Nintendo stuff in the past weeks. Mainly Pokémon-related unfortunately, but we also got official release lists for all Nintendo systems, of course including the Virtual Boy. Many of these contain info on unreleased games, but not the VB one. While the list holds nothing spectacular, there’s still a few mildly interesting bits in there, though, including:

  • The list includes revision numbers. No “1” in there, which, while we sort of already knew, confirms that there were never any revisions (v1.1) of VB games released
  • The list includes build dates of all the games’ master ROMs
  • Interesting column “Inspection board code” which reveals the code of the official flash cart: FBA3A. So far, we only knew the official EP-ROM cart code, which is BA3A. It also shows that, at first, only EP-ROM carts were used, but then, from Vertical Force (J) upwards, only flash carts were used for game testing.
  • Additional information columns that has info on licensee changes and so on

In any case, being an official list, it’s a great thing to have and must be preserved.

Attached to this post, you can find the list as well as a partly translated list, which I quickly put through Google Translate. I also moved the game title column to the left and locked it so you can more easily see which info belongs to which game.

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