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For the HyperFlash32 users out there, I’ve spent some time making my own labels. I made these to meet my needs/wants. My goal was to make a set of labels heavily based on the standard US labels, have them be fairly high contrast, and easy to make out at a glance what is flashed on the cart. I’m not a pixel artist at all, and these pale in comparison to the custom art that has been made by others, especially the default set from Mumphy, but if anyone has any interest in using some/all of them – I’m sharing. They should work well on both prototype and production units. (Probably not as well on the FrankenHyperFlashes). If you do like this set and really want to see a specific game added to it, let me know and I can try to add it. I’ll post a zip with the label files here and on the Discord.

1/5/2021 Edit: Updating the preview of all the labels to date.

1/23/2021: Now that this set has been archived by PVB, you can now download the set here: https://www.virtual-boy.com/hardware/hyperflash32/images/

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Nice 👍. B&W variant coming soon? 😉

I’m still working on the black and white ones, I have a full commercial set and have been slowly converting more. I haven’t released anything from that, I don’t think people are as interested in the strictly black and white labels as I am. Happy to send them to you though if you want try them.

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I think the b&w look good, and it can’t hurt to give people more options, so I would put them up 🙂



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