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If you’re on IRC, you might have caught some mention that I’ve been writing a build script that can build GCC, binutils, newlib, etc. for a VB development environment.

RPack mentioned using GoogleCode to replace gccVB, so I thought I would do that today.

The project page is: http://code.google.com/p/devkitvb/ There’s still a lot to do (see the issue tracker) but I think it’s a good start.

This might overlap with some work done by others (sorry, I don’t mean to be stepping on any toes, here!) What I really want is to centralize the development effort, and GoogleCode is a great place to put it.

If anyone wants to be a developer/contributor on the project, please let me know! Only *very* serious developers should respond to this request. Just reply in this thread, and I’ll give you push access. (Note: I chose Mercurial as the VCS, because I hate SVN and Mercurial rocks anyway. I hope you’re familiar with it! If not, I don’t mind providing a few tips…)

I currently have the build script working on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) and Mac OS X (10.6). I’ll have to compile the list of dependencies (and how to install them) for each platform, because it’s not like you will just get a compiler collection out of the build script if you don’t already have them all.

The build script is a Bash script (This might change: see Bug #3) which will download the GCC/binutils/newlib sources, configure, build, and install them. Shibby!

I hope this project will actually work, this time. (Poor gccVB!)

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So, it’s intending to be something like the devkitPro tools are? Sounds like pure awesome.

DevkitPro (wintermute, et al) was an obvious inspiration for the project. The work of David Tucker, dasi, and M.K. here on PVB has also been inspiring. I would like to look at some of their patches, and get those integrated into the project, so that it can generate proper NVC code (right now it only builds the v850 targets).

I’ll try to work on that a bit, today. 🙂

Oh, and I just noticed the 2010 coding competition is allowing “supplemental tools for VB development”. So if we combine forces, we might be able to make a release in time for the compo! I’m not personally interested in prizes, so if “I” win any of them, I’ll gladly donate to anyone who has a greater need! (Although, I do kind of want that shirt… :P)


I just wanted to mention I’m very interested in this project. I used the script to compile GCC in Ubuntu 10.04 on both my 32-bit netbook and 64-bit desktop. Both succeeded once I installed the correct dependencies (curl, libmpfr-dev, and others), though I’ve installed other toolchain dependencies prior to trying your script.

It would be great to unite efforts on single dev package and it would be an added bonus if the main version was written on a Unix platform and kept Cygwin compatible. I’d like to help, but I’m still new to building cross-compilers, so I don’t know how I could pitch in.

General question: I used the GCC4 patches mentioned in a different thread to build gccvb on my 32-bit computer, but I had trouble building on the 64-bit machine. I was able to compile gcc for the V850 architecture on my 64-bit machine, but I could not compile any VB demos with that compiler (surprise, surprise). I see your script builds a V850 compiler… Have you been able to compile any VB code with it or is the next step to adapt (or write) the GCC4 patches necessary to target the V810?



Have you seen this?


Might help you with ideas for converting your script to a makefile…


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