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A new batch of 50 FlashBoys will be available later this summer, approximately late August. The Price will remain the same at 90 Euro, more details about the package here.

We are currently getting everything we need together, and will keep you informed on the forums. Might even have some surprises up our sleeves.

You can (and should, as demand is high!) preorder yours now by sending your name and email using this form.

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Can’t wait for this release! I’ve been on and off since the 2nd batch debating whether or not to get one. This time I will finally purchase it. I’ve allocated the funds, at last πŸ˜€

Perhaps you should post how many preorders you’ve gotten so far – so people know if there’s still a chance of getting one. Not much of an idea to send a preorder if there’s 100 people on the list already… πŸ˜‰

100 is a pretty exact guess. So we already got twice as many preorders as we’ll have units. But it happened often in the past, that people preordered a FlashBoy, but then did not want one anymore/already got one/did not have money anymore etc, when the FlashBoys were ready. So there’s a slim chance that people at the bottom of the list may get a FlashBoy after all.

Because of all those preorders we are already thinking about another batch, but after the upcoming one, I’ll be out of donor carts…

for me is that not realy a good news, because Krisse told me he think he never made more of this Flashboys and sell me the last one he made (No. 224/224)

and now give more of them? how many? 224/324?

This is like a kick in the ass. Is like d4s make more of his Ultra 16 SNES Consoles…(limited of only 50)

It would better never make again a “limited” of an item, because is not realy limited if you make more and more of them. And why, just because ppl crying they never got a flash boy? This is live man, if you come to late, you fail

Sorry, Undead, I really thought it’d be the last batch. In fact, I thought that of every batch since then, but got surprised by the demand for a new one.

But anyway, I did not charge anything extra for it, did I? You got it for the regular price, so I don’t see a problem here.

undead: oh wow chill. Do you think your Flashboy is worth more because it might have been the last one, is the Flashboy not about being able to play games and if Chris can make more and hence make more VB fans happy that they can play everything on hardware then IMO thats the point, to play.
You kind of said it yourself, this is life, so if more get made tough live with it, play with it, enjoy it. πŸ˜€

That’s too bad. I guess you better edit your collection page: “Flash Boy Nr. 224/???”

the most problem is for me the “limited” calling item WITH! numbers, if you know what i collecting too (Limited Nintendo Statues of First 4 Figures and some other Gaming Stuff with numbers/certificate)

Ok, i was angry the first time i read it and i forget nothing what other ppl say long time ago, but yeah… its limited without a ending.
Is not like 224/224 its just 224>>>>???

And pls dont forget: im a collector and not a flash/emulator ect. gamer. The Flash Boy is a collecting thing for me and a collection is for me: Rarity

look how many User have this site: ~1000 = 1/3 VB fans can get it (some of this user dont have enouge money for it)

So this info was like a hit in my face(the first time)

at last i can say: if anyone dont have one = get one


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