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Today I’d like to announce my first homebrew game, “Elevated Speed.” This is an entry in the (evidently crowded) genre of VB hover racing games.

Preview video (sorry for potato quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHXnqZYysas

Initial features:

  • High-speed, pseudo-3D 50fps gameplay
  • Full audio support with original soundtrack
  • AI
  • Large tracks (bound only by size of ROM)

Features planned for a later release

  • More tracks
  • More vehicle types
  • Link cable play
  • Spice up gameplay a bit — powerups, takedowns, etc.

Planned experiments: Internet play with cross-platform (already have ports for Linux, WebAssembly and Gameboy Advance) matchmaking — depends heavily on capabilities of RetroOnyx’s Wifi adapter


  • Custom engine, written in modern C++
  • Full sound management system with priority handling, mixing, and positional stereo
  • Full 3D game engine (although rendering portion must work within VB constraints)
  • Build system that automatically optimizes assets for streaming from ROM to VRAM

I’m expecting to release a demo within the next month or two. Feedback is appreciated!

Also, thanks to everyone on the Discord channel who put up with my incessant questions (so far…)

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Beautiful, man! Can’t wait to play. Virtual Boy fans need more people like you among us.

PizzaRollsRoyce, did’nt realize you had so much power as a developer. If you want to make 3d sprites and backgrounds contact me myname is Morintari9146. on discord and always my services are 100% free.

This is immensely impressive, great work! Can’t wait for the inevitable F-Zero hack. 😉

Amazing 😀
Looks realy cool, also cant wait to play it 🤗👍

Magnifique !
It is very impressive. Well done and can’t wait to see the rest!

This is very exciting!

Hey no genre can be “crowded” in the VB world, we need more and more games to play regardless of what category they fall into! I’ll keep a watch out for the demo release to try this out!

It looks amazing! Hope to see more.

This looks impressive! Can’t wait to play the demo!

Looks terrific.


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